Have you ever slept in an unheated room in winter? In Hungary this happens to hundreds of thousands of people each year. We at Protect the Future Association (Védegylet) are launching a social enterprise called ApPró Tech which aims to mitigate this problem. We build masonry heaters for rural families living in poverty. These wood burning systems are cost-efficient and have little negative impact on health and the environment.

2016. dec 16.

A nemzetközi TRANSIT kutatás a transzformatív társadalmi innovációról szól, és egyik "esete" az Átalakuló Wekerle. Meghívásukra, az egyik kezdeményező vendégblogot írt a helyről, a közösségről és az aktivizmusról.

"So now we have it, the wholesome threesome; local community activism. Putting these words together leads us to something I see as intrinsically innovative, the foundation of the Transition Movement...

2016. dec 7.

Here you can download a brief guide to inspire and assist you to build an outdoor rocket stove from locally sourced natural materials. 

We built this stove during our youth exchange program Transition in Action II in the summer of 2016 with our amazing international participants.

2016. jún 23.

The Youth Exchange “Transition in Action II” under the Erasmus+ Programme will take place from 15th August (arrival day) till 28th August (departure day) 2016 in Hungary, Kunszállás a village situated 100 kms to the South of Budapest in a beautiful rural setting.

Deadline for application is 1st of July.

2015. aug 5.

...With retrospect, a key aspect of the 4 day program was most definately sustainable community innovation: the Rocket Kitchen, the compost toilets, the communually cooked vegetarian food, the greater number of facilitated and interactive programmes, the larger presence of self-organising communities, wider ethnic and cultural diversity, the deeper 'green' experience. Each participating organisation brought its own culture and practice, but the very fact that we took the initiative to share our space and planned activities was an innovative step in itself... 

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