2015. ápr 6.

07.21-08.02: Transition in Action Camp / Átalakulás Gyakorlatban Nyári Találkozó

The Transition in Action Youth Exchange is a "reality gathering", bringing together 30 young people in a 'rural lab' setting to support them in creating together their own transition community from the resources around them. From Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania and Italy, they will gather for 13 days to get to know each other and to explore the ideas of 'transition': how nature, communities and sustainable lifestyle are connected and how, by using resources wisely, we can lead meaningful lives. Through games, debates, excursions, creative workshops, and practical hands-on work, the participants will experience what it means to share ideas and cooperate, and to collaborate to bring alive their own "settlement" with the materials around them. They will be aided by 4 support workers experienced in community organising, facilitating, food growing and natural building crafts.

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