2016. dec 16.

Activism - Community - Local: angol nyelven a helyi közösségi aktivizmusról

I’ve never written a blog. I was advised to choose something that feels pertinent to me at the moment. Maybe activism, more specifically, community activism. Even more specifically, local community activism. Can local community activism as we experience it in Hungarian Transition somehow be regarded as an example of that focus of much adulation, social innovation?

Activism - Community - Local

At the offset, it’s an interesting combination of words: activism is something demanding, up-front, with a sense of urgency, innovative by necessity, the dynamic edge of social change. Inflatable cubes for cop-proofing demonstrations? We can do it, courtesy of such innovative teams as Beautiful Trouble. Veterans for Standing Rock? The cavalry - their words, not mine - is on its way, with courtesy and bravery to stand next to Native Americans protecting water from oil.

Community, on the other hand,... more