Transition in Hungary

Active local communities are making a fundamental change to how Hungary works; we strengthen participation in local democracy, lighten our eco-footprint, and learn new ways of cooperation and solidarity.

We share skills, experience, practical know-how, dreams and visions, and support and encourage each others' work.

We focus on local food, energy and economy.

We rely on our communities, each other, mentors, skilled resource people and the many "fellow travellers" who share a similar vision of social and environmental justice.



A part of Transtion Network

Two participants represented Hungary in the National Hubs' meeting in Copenhagen in September, 2014 and Hub for Transition Hungary signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Transition Network by the end of 2014.

Our "HUB" is the Small Communities in Transition Support Group:
this 'holds the centre', developing space and resources for a mutual aid network to develop which will support a long-term Transition Process in Hungary. A legal framework is provided for this by Védegylet - Protect the Future, an established NGO working to strengthen grassroots movements. Two Transition Trainers are involved in the Transition Support Group.

Name Settlement Status in TN website Participation in Small communities in Transition programme
Transition Initiatives in Hungary
Transition Wekerle Budapest, 19th District official yes
Movement for Transition Kecskemét Kecskemét muller yes
Transition Hosszúhetény Hosszúhetény not registered yes
Movement for Transition Debrecen Debrecen not registered yes
Transition Dunapart Budapest, 20th District not registered no
NOÉ 2.0 Szentendre - Pilisszentlászló muller, but inactive no

Small Communities in Transition

17 communities participate in the Small Communities in Transition programme, a transition-inspired inquiry into 'what works" in community-led development for low-carbon futures. This work is led by Védegylet in partnership with Profilantrop, pioneers in low-tech solutions with low-income communities. It is financed from 2013-15 by the NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants. Description of communities is coming soon...

“Transition in Action” - summer camp

Youth Exchange project under the Erasmus+ Programme will take place from 20st July (arrival day) till 2nd August (departure day) 2015 in Hungary, Kunbábony a village situated 80 km to the South of Budapest in a beautiful rural setting. More details are coming soon...

Hungarian Tales from 2011

Steph Bradley (Transition Tales) wrote a beautiful story about her visit to Hungary.